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Our Process

Montgomery Homes strives on being an integral part of your home project, no matter how small or big. From the moment you begin thinking about a renovation, to the day we hand the keys over to your newly remodeled home, our team is tirelessly committed to your vision.

Preliminary Phase

We begin the process by meeting with the homeowners to discuss and walk through the home. Our team will complete an accurate preliminary budget proposal to set expectations on costs, both financially and through time. We will also explain what it looks like to renovate or add-on to your home, whether that be the time it takes to complete, to what it could mean for you and your family during the construction phase.

Planning Phase

We will work alongside your selected Architect or Designer. If needed we can align you with one of the talented Architects or Designers that we have developed excellent working relationships with, who will be the best fit for your design needs.

Construction Phase

As the project begins, we take back the reins with the architects design and your vision at the forefront. We will manage every aspect of the project. With daily job site visits and walkthroughs, we will physically monitor the daily status of your project. We strive to keep our construction zones in the cleanest possible conditions, working safely and considerately in and around your home. Throughout the process open communication with the client is of utmost importance. We will be at your disposal for any questions and concerns. Weekly walkthroughs of the project with the client is key in keeping the project on track. Our tradesmen we employ are true masters of their trades and we will only work with those who will deliver the highest quality of work.

Completion Phase

We at Montgomery Homes take 100% ownership of the work completed during your project. Taking pride in all our projects, no matter the scope. We want our clients to be completely in love with the finished work. We stand behind our warranty program fully, providing you with the guarantee that your completed work will be and will continue to be flawless. The close relationships we build with our clients during the entire process ensures you that Montgomery Homes will be with you for the long haul.